Seven Songs About Dogs

by Collectors Item

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i love dogs
so here are seven songs from the perspectives of a number of dogs

dedicated to my doggo Faith


released August 26, 2018

Owen Stone: Before I Go - drums/bass


all rights reserved



Collectors Item Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Northern Lights are Black and White
I can see
The Northern Lights
But to me,
They're black and white

And I'm with you
For most my life
And when I am
It's paradise

I have lived
So very long
But I can't feel
The time move

That time we went outside
Petals were falling down
And you sat right next to me while the sun rose
It was the best day of my long life
And nobody knows
Track Name: Games Bookstore
Waiting around
I spaced out this time
You take so long to catch up

But when you throw the ball,
Something I can't ignore,
Above the ground I feel I fly

I become too hot to see
And to catch what I dream
Is what this
Is for me

But I took it too far
I bit you and I broke your skin
And now I'm going back to my pen again
I'm sorry
I was just really excited
I think it must've been my primal instincts
Oh God!
I hope this won't go the wrong way
Because I really love you
You're my God
You're my God
Track Name: Waiting for You
Does not exist
When you aren't here

Can not resist
The front door

Show me how
To wait
When I'm sleeping on my chair

And I can't
Seem to take
A hint or idea

You are the most
Beautiful thing in my world
Perfect God
Move your hands through my curls
Track Name: People
People watching with my friend
sitting above me on a bench
I can not join them

We see a girl with wet eyes
Moving forward and crying
A nest of hair is lying on her head

She looks confused
But so aware of her bruise
Where's she off to?

There she goes

People watching is nice
'cause even on rainy days

People still push through life.
Track Name: In My Dreams
I hear you play piano
As I lay in your bed
Sleeping with your scent
Nestled deep in my head

You speak softly
With intention
We play outside
As I stare in your eyes

In my dreams
I am running
And I see you
Close ahead

When I finally
Get to feel you
A scent
Deep in my dreams
Track Name: Before I Go
I guess I left in a hurry
Please don't cry
There's something I'd like to tell you
I loved just being around you
And watching you grow
So why don't you give me a kiss
One last time
Before I go
Track Name: Why We Howl at Night
When I look into this portrait above my head
The lights dance and play for me
And as the light the light shifts
I notice spots of nothing
And I wanna fill their silence

So I tell them

You exist
And I love
Your presence

This plane I walk
When I dig down
Looking at the black above
My love for you is everything I am

And on the porch
The northern lights will shine
I've slowed down since the last time
And I can't figure out why

But the thought of you
Or your very presence
It makes it all worth while

This plane I walk
When I dig down
Looking at the black above
My love for you is

The time when you and I just sat outside
And the light refracted across your eyes
But now I see spots between the light
And I wanna fill their silence

And so I tell them

You exist
And I love
Your presence

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